1212Arborist — a specialist that works with dangerous trees. You should approach to bad trees wisely: you can’t just knock them down or to cut them off, because it may cause consequences. The tree can grow too close to buildings or power lines and can easily damage themd uring the sawing.

Arborist knows how to remove the tree right, with all its branches. With the help of special equipment, he can easily get to the most inaccessible places.

Our arborists — professionals with years of experience, who know all the nuances of this sphere «from the root up to the very top», guarantee the quality and safety of their work.


tree removal (height to 20m) from 800 hrn
tree removal (partly, height to 20m) from 1 500 hrn
tree removal (height more than 20m) from 1 200 hrn
tree removal (partly, height more than 20m) from 2 400 hrn