Our prices

Advertising assemblage

firewall assemblage (to 25 m2 ) from 35 hrn/m
firewall assemblage (from 25 m2 to 150 m2) from 30 hrn/m
firewall assemblage (from 150 m2 to 300 m2) from 25 hrn/m
firewall assemblage (from 300 m2 to 600 m2) from 20 hrn/m
firewall assemblage (from 600 m2) contractual
firewall dismantling (to 25 m2 ) from 30 hrn/m
firewall dismantling (from 25 m2 to 150 m2) from 20 hrn/m
firewall dismantling (from 150 m2 to 300 m2) from 15 hrn/m
firewall dismantling (from 300 m2 to 600 m2) from 10 hrn/m
volumetric letters installation contractual
installation of garlands from 20 hrn

Installation works at height

assembling of lightning protection system from 17 hrn
lamp assembling from 50 hrn
air condition assembling (weight to 50 kg) from 800 hrn
air condition assembling (weight from 50 kg) from 1200 hrn
protective shutters assembling from 450 hrn
ventilation ducts assembling from 90 hrn
Outdoor surveillance cameras (one point) from 120 hrn
cabling (vertically) from 5 hrn
cabling (horizontally) from 15 hrn
window glass changing from 800 hrn
decor assembling contractual
ducts, chutes, drainage systems cleaning contractual

 Cargo hoisting

cargo hoisting (<100 kg) from 1500 hrn
cargo hoisting (from 100 kg to 300 kg) from 3500 hrn
cargo hoisting (>300 kg) contractual
cargo hoisting (difficult trajectory) contractual

Cleaning and painting of steel structures

corrosion treatment contractual
sandblasting from 50 hrn
steel structure painting from 40 hrn


tree removal (height to 20m) from 800 hrn
tree removal (partly, height to 20m) from 1 500 hrn
tree removal (height more than 20m) from 1 200 hrn
tree removal (partly, height more than 20m) from 2 400 hrn

Snow and icicles removing

removing snow from roofs (to 1000 m2) from 8 hrn/m
removing snow from roofs (from 1000 m2) from 6 hrn/m
icicles removing contractual

Other works at height

welding at height contractual
roof repairing contractual
insurance organization from 1400 hrn
alpinist (8 hours shift) from 1300 hrn
alpinist + worker (8 hours shift) from 1500 hrn
3 alpinists + worker (8 hours shift) from 4500 hrn